Family Community Empowerment (FACE)

We established the Office of Family and Community Empowerment (FACE) to work with our families as well as the community at large.FACE serves as your family’s advocate within the school ensuring your needs and the needs of your scholar are being met. In addition, FACE coordinates seminars and job trainings, facilitates parent orientation, and hosts our monthly family night (our family nights informally brings teachers, students, and parents together for dinner and fun). FACE will solicit feedback from you, as well as other community stakeholders, on what additional programming you want/need from TPA. For our scholars’ to succeed academically we provide weekly and monthly feedback to parents, that includes updates on learning objectives, homework assignments, test dates, and the classroom’s weekly achievements. This is achieved through our parent portal. The parent portal allows you to communicate with teachers on the learning objectives, your scholar’s behavior, and all updates within the school. Should you not have online access our parent’s corner, located in FACE, provides this access as well as connecting to parents to other resources. While we are not a social service agency we want to ensure that all of our families are connected to the proper agencies that can assist with securing the necessary resources such as shelter, food, health, and transportation. 

Parent Resource Links

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How to Obtain Your Uniforms

It is important that all of our students acquire their uniforms prior to the start of school. The information below will help all of our students in the purchase of their respective uniforms and wares.

Uniform Policy
Please contact Donald’s Apparel at (651) 288-9301 and place your order.
 Oxford dress shirts long and/or short sleeve –white
 Relaxed Twill pants, flat front-black
 Relaxed fit Twill pants, flat front,
ad-justable waistband-Black
 Twill pants plated front-Black
 No white socks
 Oxford dress shirt-long sleeve and/or short sleeve –white
 Peter pan collar blouse, long and/or short sleeve - white
 Mid-rise Twill pants flat front - black
 Mid-rise Twill pants, flat front, boot cut black
Pleated front and back scooter Skirt - black
 No white socks
Summer Uniforms (Boys and Girls)
 Polo shirts
 Black shorts
 White socks allowed

Donald’s Apparel
972 Payne Avenue Street
Saint Paul, MN 55130
(651) 288-9301

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